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Living Room In Wiley’s Plush Two Bedroom Cabin

Many guests tell us that our cabins are really clean, inviting and well appointed. This does not happen by magic. Amber thought it might be interesting to share a bit about our housekeeping practices.??S here??goes?? a?? run down of some of our procedures.?? As a?? Boy Scout, I learned from my Eagle leaders and Scoutmasters, how imperative it is to “Be Prepared.” This was reinforced again?? and again when I attended hotel school years ago.??Chefs and Hotel Directors call it “mis en place.” Quite simply it translates, ” to Put in Place.”???? Being prepared and being square??continue to serve me well in maintaining our resort.?? As a family place(I am grafted in), we all do a little of everything and????often??vary work??when we “change hats.”

When heading out to clean a cabin, we’ll use Wiley’s for example, first one must assemble all that is needed for the job. It is quite a ways from our supply/laundry room to the cabins so this saves time and subsequent frustration.?? “BE PREPARED!!” We already know how many folks have stayed??in Wiley’s recently,??so we know how many sheets and towels will likely be needed. Mops, brooms, vacuums, lots of?? fresh cleaning??rags, laundry bags, trash bags, tp, soaps??and?? all appropriate cleaning chemicals are kept ready to go and brought over to Wiley’s right away. I often walk and carry things??by hand or??pull them??in a cart for excercise.??When we are busier??I use our old van which is stocked and ready as a mobile maid closet and mini-maintenance shed??most all the time.?? We clean from inside out, from top to bottom, and from back to front.?? Therefore the first thing to do after stripping and bagging linens and clearing trash,??is to open all closets and drawers, including refrigerator, oven, microwave, heater/airconditioning room,?? and water heater area. Turn appliances on and off to be sure they??work and note any problems with hinges and slides,missing inventory and items left behind.??The first thing to clean would be the ceilings, ceiling fans, and overhead light fixtures. Much more in between to appear in future posts.??????Just before heading to the next cabin, we finish the floors and carpets, sweeping and mopping?? these “bottom” places??from back to front, leaving the mop, broom and dustpan?? by the front door??near a throw rug?? left to wipe?? folks feet?? and then head on out to clean??the next cabin .

Steve??… ??Campground Host


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